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Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Groundbreaking Event Gulf Shores, AL 2022

Legendary Marina & Yacht Club

Legendary Marina provides world-class boat storage and a wide range of offerings that redefine the boating lifestyle.



Web Design, Social Media, Public Relations, Photography, Videography

The Challenge

In 2022, Legendary Marina & Yacht Club broke ground on a large development project in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


The organization sought a local agency to help them plan, promote, and execute their marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Our agency used web design, social media, pr, photography and video to highlight the project's recent advancements.


Through data analysis and surveys, we assessed the effectiveness of our campaign.


Using key performance indicators (KPIs) like click rates, we made necessary adjustments to optimize the outcomes.

Public Relations Marketing for Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Groundbreaking Event 2022 Gulf Shores, AL

Public Relations

Our team collaborated closely with Legendary Marina's Marketing Director to create a comprehensive press kit.

The kit included details about the development and outlined the proposed amenities for Phase One.

Leveraging our close ties with city leaders, we worked with local media outlets to promote the event.

We also educated the public about the construction progress on social media.

Our team organized the event day, ensuring the participation of both company and city leaders in the ceremony.

After the event, a press release recapping the day was sent to all media outlets.

legendary yacht club
legendary yacht club

Learn About the Marketing Strategy

Topping-Off Ceremony 2023

Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Groundbreaking Event with Mayor Robert Craft of Gulf Shores, AL 2022
legendary yacht club
Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Grand Opening
Legendary Marina Groundbreaking Event 2022 Brook Jones with Red Door Markting Agency, Gulf Shores, AL

Web Design

The client aimed to enhance their online presence for more visitors and better user experience.


This involved strategically showcasing vital services in alignment with overarching goals.

The main objective: design a modern, user-friendly website for boat enthusiasts and potential event attendees.


The focus was on creating an informative platform that serves the needs of both audiences.


Our agency captured footage of recent developments, including speeches, groundbreaking, and other key moments.


The footage was then professionally edited and published on their website, social media platforms, and email campaigns.

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