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Legendary Marina & Yacht Club Topping Off Ceremony October 2023

Topping-Off Ceremony

Legendary Marina & Yacht Club 2023


Public Relations


Digital Marketing

Web Design

The 2023 topping-off ceremony and the symbolic signing of the final beam were monumental milestones in the project's journey.

Our agency created the strategic marketing plan to execute a successful public relations campaign, photography, and digital marketing.


These events marked a moment of achievement, unity, and vision coming to life.


The Challenge

Legendary Marina & Yacht Club needed to successfully connect with their target audience.


They also aimed to enhance their overall reputation.

Our Solution

Our strategy involved crafting digital marketing campaigns and engaging social media teasers.


We aimed to generate excitement in the local community for the upcoming ceremony


These efforts successfully attracted potential customers, increased online engagement, and generated enthusiasm.


The result was a strong and eagerly awaited launch for the marina.

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