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Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital marketing is the backbone for any business that is trying to stay relevant and up-to-date in today's fast paced technological world. It includes everything from your content, voice, and visuals to the digital ads that speak for your company.

Digital marketing is much easier to conquer when you have someone working for you who is trained in the field and who can develop and implement your strategies and tactics for you. Trying to run a business is stressful on its own, and marketing your business should not have to add to that stress.

Here is everything laid out (and in plain english) that your digital marketing plan must have:


In order for your business or company to remain relevant, your content should be able to be produced quickly and efficiently. You should strive to be ahead of your competition in whatever the latest news or technology in your field may be.

New products and services should immediately be updated on all of your platforms, especially on your website.

If a potential customer comes to your website looking for information and notices that your blog has not been updated since 2015, they may think you are no longer in business and could possibly move forward with a competitor.


Your online voice should accurately and relevantly display your brand. This means that the wording you choose, the tone of that wording, and the hashtags you post all need to correlate with one another.

Having the same voice and feel across all forms of social media give your brand an identity that people can familiarize themselves with, and make your business more marketable.


One of the most important parts of any digital marketing campaign is your visuals. This includes any photos or graphic design work that you post.

Your logo should be clear and represent your company well, and your social media platforms should be branded to match your website. This gives your business a well put together look and makes your site more attractive for potential customers.

Having an agency with an in house graphic designer is a great way to assure that your brand will remain consistent and that all of your graphics and images will match and keep the brand's integrity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be a full time job on its own. SEO will essentially drive organic (unpaid) traffic to your site or social platform.

If the marketer is proficient with SEO practices, they will be able to get more traffic to your site using key words through search engines.

Having a marketer who knows how to properly use SEO to their advantage will save a business time and money in the end.

Paid Advertising

So we just talked about reaching consumers organically with SEO, but if your company is trying to reach a very broad target, paid advertising is the way to go.

This can be anything from paying to boost posts on Facebook, running paid Facebook ad campaigns and even running paid Google AdWord campaigns.

To run a paid ad campaign takes time and effort to make sure that you are not wasting your money and that it will eventually pay for itself. It is not cheap to run paid advertising but can be very effective if done the correct way.


So now that you have all of your ads running, you want to see how well they are performing. This is where analytics come into play. A good digital marketer will be able to tell you what is working for your company and what is not, and will be able to make suggestions to improve your engagement.

We make sure to constantly check and monitor our client's analytics across all forms of social media as well as their Google business page and their websites, too!

Being able to produce analytic reports is a great way for us to show our client how their money is being put to use. If something starts to fall behind, we make sure to tweak it and get it right back on schedule so that our client's are making money from their ads and not throwing money away.


In the end, what is really important for a digital marketing plan is it's success rate. This is what any business person will want to see, and this is what we produce for them.

You can run ads and spend money to boost them all day long, but if the content isn't relevant or the visuals aren't attractive and branded, you will not get the optimization results you are looking for.

Digital marketing can take your brand to the next level when done correctly. If you are interested in taking your business to a higher level contact us today! We would be glad to see how we can help you.


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