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Express yourself confidently with the help of our team of experts. Get your clear message to the customer sooner with our strategic and organized approach to business marketing. We respect your time and money and can help you maximize both.


Public Relations Megaphone | Red Door Marketing


Public relations can often become a side product of a marketing campaign, but at Red Door, we believe it is the vehicle that gives your business a clear voice so that when you speak, the right people hear.

We tackle every communication challenge with a creative outlook. Our public relations efforts are focused on building your business and helping you send a controlled and consistent message, not just getting a headline. We’re quick to spot a genuine story and can work with the right media outlets to get your story into the best publications, websites and programs.

Social Media

By engaging in social media and publishing company news, you can build relationships with your customer base. These relationships provide valuable insight that can lead to success in other marketing channels —whether you’re a local business or a global enterprise. At Red Door, we tailor our social media efforts to each client’s unique needs and business goals. We’ll take the time to drive the type of social engagement that turns your customers into advocates for your brand.  



Services include:

  • Strategy Development — Like any marketing channel, social media requires a guiding strategy in order to be effective. We can help you select the right networks for your brand, determine the right times to post, and outline the types of content that will be most effective for you

  • Content Creation — Social media takes time, and we understand that our clients may not have the resources or the hours to manage their social content themselves. We can create, schedule, and post content to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

  • Social Listening — Being an active listener is essential in any social media campaign.  Red Door can monitor interactions and respond to your fans or followers. We’ll also keep track of brand mentions so you can capitalize on additional opportunities for engagement.


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