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Our Story

We value all our clients and the opportunity to help them paint their door a BOLD shade of red and build their dreams. "Through our drive to help businesses succeed, I realized my lifelong dream of owning my own marketing agency. I felt strongly that the name had a significant meaning and was a BOLD brand. After much debate and getting nowhere, I fell asleep and woke up at 2am with the name Red Door running through my mind. I immediately picked up my phone and searched for the meaning which symbolizes the energy of new opportunities!"

-Brook Jones

Brook Jones
Red Door Marketing Agency Logo

"Albert Einstein painted his door RED so he could tell it apart from the rest"


Brook Jones is a seasoned business leader and experienced marketing professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Mississippi State University.  With over 20 years of real estate, property management, and vacation rental experience, she has worked for industry leaders such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Kaiser Realty, and Coldwell Banker.


In addition to her years of property management and real estate sales experience, Brook has worked within industries such as tourism, finance, healthcare, non-profit, entrepreneurship, and many more.  Brook succeeds in taking complex company divisions, products, and services and developing streamlined operational and marketing plans that offer each area a strategy for the success of the company.


Over her career, Brook has worked to educate businesses on the importance of the company’s operations, communication, customer service and marketing strategies in an effort to create a cohesive and customer-focused business. ​In her free time, Brook enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing on the beach with a good book.

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