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Rice & Beans Ministries promotional video.


Rice and Beans Ministries is a nonprofit mission organization that serves in Costa Rica. Their mission is to help show the true love of God to the world by feeding and praying with families, by clothing and educating children, visiting the sick, and using their faith to bring joy and hope.  



Rice and Beans came to us with a vision to develop a professional, consistent, eye-catching brand that would be recognizable and appealing. Our goal was to create a visually engaging website that guided visitors smoothly through information and trip registration and expressed the purpose, drive and personality behind Rice and Beans Ministries. Donations were also a major component, so making it easy for visitors to donate, make gifts, or create their own campaigns was important.





We worked closely with the director to create a new brand that would reflect their vision and mission. One main goal was engaging visitors by giving them a personal view of the work Rice & Beans Ministries does every day. We did this through creating videos that featured personal testimonials and footage from Costa Rica. We highlighted these videos on the website so visitors could make a more emotional connection. We also made sure the website was sleek, informative, and easy to navigate to encourage visitors to learn more. The website also drives donations by offering multiple opportunities like peer-to-peer campaigns, gifts and ministry-specific campaigns. Because Rice & Beans Ministries travels to different states and countries, we also developed a brochure, rack card, and booklet to disperse at churches, conferences, etc.

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