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Local IT, LLC

Local IT needed rebranding and a new website to make them appear more approachable and credible in the IT world.

2023 - Present



Web Design

SEO Optimization

The Challenge

Craft a brand image that blends professionalism and fun, symbolizing a company known for efficient, high-quality IT services.

Our Solution

Our agency established a distinctive brand identity to stand out from Local IT's competitors.


That drew attention to the professional services on their website, supported by effective SEO strategies.

Not only did we create a memorable and friendly brand, but we also helped to position the company as trusted tech leaders in their area.

Brand Strategy

Red Door Marketing Agency strategically crafted Local IT's brand identity with an agile fox logo, symbolizing adaptability and cleverness.


This visual element embodies essential qualities for a technology partner. 


Moreover, the agency seamlessly integrated global IT expertise into the brand.

This ensures Local IT stands out with a unique blend of global technological insights tailored to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

This strategic approach by Red Door solidifies Local IT's position as a distinctive and reliable player in the local technology landscape.

brand identity mockup local it
local it fox logo

Logo Design

In crafting the logo design for "Local IT," Red Door Marketing Agency employed a strategic approach focused on embodying the brand's essence and values.


We conducted thorough research to understand the local IT landscape, the target audience, and the unique selling points of "Local IT."

local it hero image on website

Web Design

Emphasis was placed on showcasing success stories, client testimonials, and their new logo was a primary source of inspiration when building the Local IT website.


Interactive elements, such as live chat support and informative blog posts, will be integrated to enhance engagement.


The redesigned website functions not only as a digital storefront but also as a valuable resource for local businesses seeking technology solutions.


This reinforces Local IT's position as a reliable and innovative technology partner in the community.

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