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Ashley Robinson Builders came to Red Door needing several marketing services. They specialize in energy efficient homes and were in the process of building Mississippi’s first solar spec home. The homes they create are beautiful and very energy efficient. They even guarantee homeowner’s utility bills under $35 for the first 5 years. The product is excellent and differentiated from local competitors, but their online presence was very unsubstantial and there was no real method of marketing their services to the public other than their lawn signs.

Ashley Robinson Web Design | Red Door Marketing
Ashley Robinson Social Media | Red Door Marketing
Ashley Robinson  | Red Door Marketing
Ashley Robinson Builders Brochure Design | Red Door Marketing

At Red Door we did the following in order to build a strong and branded online presence for Ashley Robinson Builders:

  • Developed a functional and engaging website

  • Photography

  • Set up Google Business and Google Plus

  • Produced AdWords for search engine optimization

  • Set up Facebook and Instagram accounts that portrayed the branded identity

  • Created interesting and informational content for website and all accounts

  • Created blog posts and shared to facebook account

  • Created instagram posts and shared to facebook account

  • Continuously update content to educate consumers on energy efficient homes to separate Ashley Robinson from local competition

  • Sent out feature articles for relevant publications

  • Monitor analytics and create reports to make changes as needed

Ashley Robinson Builders now has a very strong online presence and is gaining more web traffic than ever before. People in the community are responding well to all social media accounts and continue to engage with them.


Website: ashleyrobinsonbuilders.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ashley-Robinson-Builders-LLC-139729326436064/?fref=ts

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