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Strategic Marketing Agency:
Your Key to Business
Growth and Success

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Brook Jones, Founder and CEO of Red Door Marketing

Meet Brook Jones, CEO / Founder of Red Door Marketing Agency

Brook Jones has a passion for achieving BOLD results and founded Red Door Marketing Agency over 10 years ago with the mission to empower brands through strategic marketing solutions.

At our marketing agency, we don't just see clients as customers -- we see them as partners. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their business goals and create BOLD marketing strategies.


Brand Identity, Brand Campaigns, Marketing Consultation


The development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to create, maintain, and enhance a company's brand.

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Web Design & SEO

SEO Optimization, User Experience, Website Redesign 


Creating and maintaining a website, including SEO to increase website visibility and user experience to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

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Public Relations

Brand Positioning, Marketing Campaigns, Strategic Partnering


Managing and improving the reputation of a client through various communication channels to create a positive public image and increase brand awareness.

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Social Media

In a digital era where consumers are highly engaged online, businesses that embrace social media can cultivate stronger relationships, expand their reach, and position themselves for long-term success. At Red Door Marketing Agency, we have customized plans to fit your business.

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Crucial Times to Market Your Business

New Business, Service, Product, or Event


 It's essential to create a strong and effective marketing strategy to generate interest and excitement. Our expertise can ensure that the launch is impactful and reaches the right audience.

Scaling and Expansion


Red Door can help expand your company by developing a growth-focused marketing plan, optimizing existing campaigns, exploring new markets, and implementing data-driven strategies to maximize ROI.

Digital Transformation

We can assess the business's current online presence, identify areas for improvement, devise a comprehensive digital strategy, and execute campaigns that drive traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

Olivia Malone

"Brook and her employees have been so accommodating and listen to our request and do a great job of making creative suggestions that fit the needs of our specific business."

Elizabeth Roberts

"It's important to know your marketing representative so they have a sense of the culture of your business and the clients. You can't get that with anyone else but Brook!"

Jason Spiers

"Great marketing agency. Brook and the rest of the staff do an awesome job bringing ideas to life and getting new customers in the door. Highly Recommend!"

Our Process


We will schedule a meeting to talk about your business and your marketing needs.



We learn how customers interact with your business and what marketing techniques lead to conversion.



We launch your brand identity including your logo, then your website and social media, and then your marketing campaign.



After the project has been signed off, our team will implement the marketing plan to target the identified channels for the project.

Events - Coming Soon! 

Events that Red Door Marketing Agency is attending in the Orange Beach, AL, Gulf Shores, AL, and Foley, AL areas.
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Past Events

Orange Beach, AL • Gulf Shores, AL • Foley, AL • Hattiesburg, MS

Meeting at the office

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4830 Wharf Pkwy W, Suite G-106 (Ground Floor)

Orange Beach, AL

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